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Daily Archives: August 16, 2017

SGA Monthly Update: Meet the New Executives

ON THE HORIZON FOR SGA What is CU Denver Student Government Association, you ask? As an organization, we are the collective voice of the CU Denver student body. Much like the federal government, SGA is made up of three branches: the Executive Branch, the Legislative

What the Health: propaganda or truth?

A NEW PUSH FOR VEGANISM If veganism was not already the latest fad, it certainly gained a new light after the documentary What the Health was released on Netflix. The film’s host, Kip Anderson, sets out to discover the truth about how eating meat affects

Fun things to do in Denver under $10

AFFORDABLE ACTIVITIES FOR STUDENTS ON A BUDGET Being a student in a metropolitan city can certainly strain the wallet, even if the necessary sacrifices have been made. Sacrifices like giving up the convenience of driving a car to save on parking, gas, and traffic-induced emotional

Ethiopian cuisine found in the heart of Aurora

NILE ETHIOPIAN OFFERS DELICIOUS, AFFORDABLE FOODS There are few restaurant experiences that couple a legitimately inviting ambiance with delicious and interesting dishes. Nile Ethiopian Restaurant in the heart of Aurora exceeds these standards and then some by creating an environment that makes even the most

Wind down with your pup at Fort Greene Bar

BAR HOSTS MONTHLY DOGGIE HAPPY HOUR Fort Greene Bar is a small, old- fashioned establishment nestled in the ever-evolving neighborhood of Globeville. Located at 321 E 45th Ave., the bar is best known for its exquisite speakeasy aesthetic, decor, and food menu, which includes everything

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

At the beginning of the summer, I distinctly remember being reprimanded by a friend who had discovered that I had never seen The Walking Dead. Her specific response was something along the lines of “????????????” I just didn’t understand what was cool about a show

Holidaily, a Gluten-Free Dedicated Brewery

ONE OF FIVE GLUTEN-FREE BREWERIES IN US In Feb. 2016, Holidaily Brewing Co. officially opened their doors to the public. After a year and a half of being open for business, the company continues to grow each and every week. Holidaily Brewing Co. is Colorado’s

From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

TAKING A LEAP A dying heart must be stopped entirely before it can be restored to its natural rhythm. I learned this while becoming CPR certified for the annual Lynx Student Leadership Retreat, and as our instructor moved forward with the lesson, I was stuck thinking

Bike theft prevalent on Auraria

KEEP BOTH WHEELS GROUNDED It goes without saying that CU Denver is a non-traditional campus; however, one of the most nuanced ways in which its non-traditional nature has flourished is undoubtedly the sheer amount of commuter students in attendance. Approximately 95 percent of the student