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Keen fans line up for summer concerts

Photo Credit: Korina Rojo | DNCE performs in Denver.


This summer was filled with a host of performances from award-winning artists to those in the process of establishing their musical identities. Musicians that visit Denver never cease to please local music aficionados, and the summer of 2017 wasn’t any different. 

Denver is a city that gets consistant visits from a diverse selection of musicians. One of the means in which the city is provided a fresh sound is through the musical acts that Red Bull Sound Select (RBSS) brings in with their monthly concert series. Red Bull Sound Select features an abundance of national and local up-and-coming artists.

On May 13, RBSS held their showcase at the Summit Music Hall in downtown Denver. Three artists were on the set list; the psych rock band DIIV, self described ghost rock or goblin pop band Candace, and local surf rock group Slow Caves

The RBSS hosts concerts throughout the US and sometimes partners with local music organizations to select the artists scheduled to perform in the city they’re visiting. In June, RBSS partnered with Denver’s Souls in Action to curate their June 29 show which took place at the Bluebird Theater.

SIA —Souls in Action—is a collection of individuals who strive to promote growth through music; throughout the summer they hosted different music-driven events throughout Denver. The artists SIA selected were within the realm of electronica with a blend of hip hop and funk influence.

The headliner was Canadian electronic-beat artist Pomo. He’s primarily known for blending electronic sounds with hip hop beats. The RBSS show also featured Seattle hip hop rapper Dave B and CRL CRRLL. The  guests were having a good time, and were often seen sipping on their drinks while sporting enormous grins on their faces.

Red Rocks Amphitheater is also known for pleasing an abundance of musical tastes for locals. On May 16, alt-rock funk group Primus performed at the venue. The musicians are known for their zealous sets and followers. Beach balls were being thrown into the crowd, and some guests wore colorful outfits paired with eclectic  masks. Primus member Les Claypool’s side-project with John Lennon’s son Sean Lennon, aptly titled The Claypool Lennon Delirium, were the openers for the night’s show. The new duo creates a genre bend of abstract psych rock. 

UMS just completed their 17th anniversary this summer, and the selection of artists provided a fond atmosphere. The four-day festival took place on July 27 and encompassed Broadway Blvd with host venues  such as Hi-Dive and Skylark Lounge. Some of the musicians included CU Denver’s own alt-pop songstress Chloe Tang as well as local brother-sister duo Bandits.

A few of the national acts were Zola Jesus, who blends a dark melodic style with soft cinematic sounds, and lues artist Benjamin Booker. Colorado can expect to be looked at as an ideal location for more and more performers. 

While big acts make up some of the musical landscape for talent visiting Colorado, the local talent is also a thriving market with the annual independent music festival, the Underground Music Showcase.

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