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Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Sings, Jokes at Denver Comic Con

Photo Credit: Taylor Kirby


The Bellco Theater was at capacity during Saturday’s Denver Comic Con panel starring Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown.

Unsurprisingly, Brown is nothing like her character Eleven as portrayed in the Netflix thriller. Eleven is quiet, soft-spoken, and oblivious. On stage, Brown is charismatic, outspoken, and hilarious. She couldn’t share much about her character’s status for season 2 except that her character would be making a return—”But I’m not saying she’s alive,” she added.

However, Brown did share what she could about pranks she loved to pull on fellow cast mates, her competition auditioning for the show, and the tragic fate of Barb—one of her favorite characters on the show. “Dead,” Brown said. She’s dead. I can’t talk about season two, but I can tell you she’s long gone.”

While answering an audience question about her competition auditioning for her role, Brown admitted that “300 girls went for Eleven, and 600 boys went for all the boys. For some reason, they liked me. I don’t know why.”

Additionally, she shared what it was like to film her own stunts on the show. “The sensory deprivation tank was extremely hard because I had to cry,” Brown said. “It was really fun. But, if I had moved a certain way, the suction of the water from under the helmet would’ve come up. I would have died. No biggie,” Brown said sarcastically. “I just had to be careful, but it was really fun.”

Aside from talking Stranger Things, she shared that her passions go beyond acting. Brown loves to sing and dance, and even sang her own rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You” for the Denver Comic Con attendees.

This year’s Con was filled with cosplayers dressed as characters from Stranger Things, and there seemed to be hundreds of attendees dressed in Eleven’s blue jacket, pink dress, and blonde wig.

One Con attendee, Lucia Gomez, was dressed as Joyce Byers. Gomez carried around a ball of Christmas lights and had a 3-foot long rectangular piece of cardboard that replicated the Byers’ infamous alphabet wall strapped to her back.  “I loved the show, but I just loved Joyce’s character progression,” said Gomez.  “I loved that she stayed persistent to find her son, even when people thought she was crazy.”

The Stranger Things craze definitely won’t be ending anytime soon. Brown’s panel only made fans love the show more, and even more anxious for season 2.

Brown is currently filming Godzilla, which is due to release in 2019.  Stranger Things season 2’s release date is Halloween, Oct. 31.


Denver Comic Con collaborates every year with Pop Culture Classroom, a Denver-based nonprofit that uses popular culture to engage children in academic study. A 9,000 square foot space in the convention’s showroom is devoted to educational activities for younger attendees, and every convention ticket sale directly helps children in local classrooms. 

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