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3 Artists You Can’t Miss on Denver Comic Con’s Last Day

Denver Comic Con 2017’s closing ceremonies are upon us, and today’s trip through Artist Valley and Merchant Mesa will be your last until next summer’s convention. DCC’s one-million-square-foot event space provided more room than ever for artists to share their talents with con-goers—and these are the exhibitors you need to track down before they’re gone.

  1. The Blonde Swan, Merchant Mesa

Photo Credit: Taylor Kirby

The Blonde Swan’s premium corner placement in Merchant Mesa is no mystery when their work is seen in person. The stall’s premium leather hats and accessories are individually hand-crafted in the owner’s Ohio workshop, and though they’ve brought a mountain of merchandise to Denver, each piece can take as long as eight weeks to is create. “We do things out of leather that most people cannot do,” Elisabeth Martin, owner of The Blonde Swan, said. “We make almost every kind of shape you can think of, from leather bowlers to witch hats.”

Martin has a hat line in New York, sells wholesale online, and travels around the country to sell directly to their nerdy tribe. “We cater to the cosplay market, the geek market, because that’s what we love, too,” she said.

2. Keith P. Rein, Artist Valley

Photo Credit: Taylor Kirby










Keith P. Rein’s body of work is comprehensive: at his booth, guests will find everything from contemporary musicians to comic book characters adorning prints, posters, and bottle openers. Never one to shy away from gags like the Pen15 Club, his work is self-described as cheeky humor made tangible.

“My name is Keith P. Rein, and my work is under the banner, ‘The P is for Penis,’ which kind of embodies my tongue in cheek humor,” Rein said. His table positions a Gamora pin-up next to Iron Man and Captain America dressed in American Civil War battle regalia, and the puns don’t end there—”These Are Not the Broads You’re Looking For,” a riff off of Broad City, makes Rein’s work worth a visit all on its own. “I fuse nerd culture, tattoo culture, and erotica,” Rein said, who moved to Colorado last year. If you’re looking to support local artists, put this guy at the top of your list—he’s made his art into his full-time gig.

3. Mike Maydak, Artist Valley

Mike Maydak’s spidery, elongated portraiture stands out even against a crowded backdrop of similarly talented Comic Con artists. His unconventional, high-brow caricature style sprawls across the length of uniquely narrow canvases. Hailing from Covington, Kentucky, Maydak is a DCC alumni, but you shouldn’t wait until next year to pick up one of his vibrantly stylized pieces.

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