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Kate Mulgrew Teases Red’s Fate: “Not Looking Positive”

Photo Credit: Taylor Kirby


At her Saturday panel at Denver Comic Con, Kate Mulgrew reminisced about filming Star Trek: Voyager‘s final episode, complimented her Orange is the New Black co-stars, and questioned if her character, Red, would survive the end of Litchfield’s prison riot as depicted in the show’s latest season.

“It’s looking highly positive, is it?” she said when a fan asked if Red would ever make it back into the kitchen. “Have you seen season five? Looking even less so, wouldn’t you say? Do you think we all survive?”

Mulgrew made sure to follow up her comments with the contractually obligatory phrase, “I have no idea what will happen next.” She went on to speak about her character with the same degree of reverence she reserved for Voyager‘s Kathryn Janeway.

“I love her,” Mulgrew said of playing Red. “Can you tell that I love her? Mad in love. She’s so great to play—juicy, juicy. And not for any of the predictable reasons, but because she is fighting to survive this period of incarceration with a level of excellency intact. She’ll be damned if she’s going to crawl out of there [Litchfield] less than she was when she went in.”

Mulgrew will return to Denver Comic Con on Sunday, July 2 for more panels and fan photo-ops. Tickets for DCC are still available.


Denver Comic Con collaborates every year with Pop Culture Classroom, a Denver-based nonprofit that uses popular culture to engage children in academic study. A 9,000 square foot space in the convention’s showroom is devoted to educational activities for younger attendees, and every convention ticket sale directly helps children in local classrooms. 

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