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What to Expect at Your First Denver Comic Con


Photo courtesy of Bleeding Cool

Denver’s 6th annual Comic Convention (Con for short) is happening this weekend at the Colorado Convention Center. With a record-breaking 150,000 expected attendees for the three-day event, there are bound to be some Denver Comic Con first-timers.

Here’s what you can expect:

Cosplayers. Everywhere. Cosplayers dress up as their favorite characters from their respective fictional stories. Many will opt for Harry Potter. There will be a Princess Leia—or seven. There will also be people who have, very clearly, put a lot of hard work and time into their costumers of Sailor Moon, Iron Man, or even the PowerPuff Girls. But only one person will go above and beyond and create a handmade R2D2 full body costume complete with lights and audio tracks.

All attendees have access to the Celebrity Summit, which is where guests can pay for autographs and photos with their favorite celebrities. Even without paying, Celebrity Summit gives guests access to see the featured stars. This year’s star-studded Comic Con featured many notable celebrities including the cast of Netflix’s Stranger Things, James and Oliver Phelps from Harry Potter, Weird Al Yankovic, and John Cusack.

The Con’s schedule is packed with workshops and panels available to everyone. Panels include writing workshops about “How to Successfully Cross Genres in Popular Fiction,” or have a discussion with female directors about “The Gender Gap in Film.” Attendees can also attend a live recording of the podcast, “Drunk on Disney.”

No matter what guests choose to do, there will not be a single dull moment at the Con. To every first-timer, or aspiring Con attendee, may the force be with you.

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