Artist: Yonbre
Album: Noirism
Label: Moon Magnet Studios

Yonbre is the trippy, psychedelic solo project from CU Denver student Kevin Netz. Releasing his debut EP, Noirism in early 2017, Netz is making his stance as artist that is looking to bend and train the ear to experience sounds not based in this universe.

In the EP’s a brief 14 minute stint, Netz rapidly transports his audience through rugged and fuzzed synth lines in “Sleep When Tired,” to murky, twirling vocal funks in “Hawk Head.” Despite the EP’s short length, the seamless blend of mechanical, organic and fissured sounds leaves the listener’s ear well-traveled and satisfied at the end of the five song stint.

Music speaks in all shades and colors. Noirism bends the listener’s ears to explore music’s deep and textured sonic landscape. For a listener looking to expand their musical horizons, Noirism is an encounter with the unknown, uncertain, and entirely psychedelic part of life.

Fans can find Yonbre’s music on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes. Fans can find information on Yonbre’s Facebook (@yonbre) for announcements about upcoming shows and links to his music.

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