Masego: Old Jazz Standards with Neo-Funk Influence

Photo courtesy of Drew Gurian // Red Bull Sound Select

Photo Courtesy of Brett Wilhelm // Red Bull Sound Select

In the age of studio influence and corporate music, the ears of a generation yearning for something authentic has begun to turn to up-and-coming artists to fill this musical gap. On April 29, Red Bull Sound Select (RBSS) brought upcoming artist Masego with the Trap House Jazz Band to the Bluebird Theater in Denver for an event that promoted his new album Loose Thought and for an all-out party that grabbed the attention of many eager music fans.

Masego is a rare talent in the world of live music. His music is a nebulous entity, flowing effortlessly between jazz standards and hard-hitting, low-voiced electronica. Songs like YOU GON’ LEARN SOME JAZZ TODAY and “Wifeable (With Sax) show the diversity of his sound. On these two tracks, Masego began with an excerpt from John Coltrane’s My Favorite Things—on his own alto-sax—and promptly move into a bass and synthesizer-driven tune of his own design. Throughout the performance, he and his ensemble performed synchronized dances that did as much for their own chemistry as it did for the crowd itself.

The stage presence added another dimension to the performance. The band and Masego operated on the exact same wavelength creating a deeply relaxed onstage vibe.This feeling reverberated throughout the audience was was participating gleefully in a multitude of call and response tunes as well as collaborative dance and jam sequences.

The overall vibe of Masego is refreshing. His sound is authentic and he also delivers a live show that is as intriguing as it is sensual. For any music connoisseur that is craving a new outlet to explore in the musical cosmos, look no further than Masego and the Trap House Band.

The next installment of RBSS will take place 5/13 at The Summit Music Hall and feature DIIV, Candace and—newly crowned Noisiest Band—Slow Caves. The show is only $5 with RSVP, $15 without. The RSVP link can be found here:

Main photo:  Drew Gurian // Red Bull Sound Select

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