Worst Campus Renovations



Over the last year, students have become accustomed to the sounds of construction workers drilling at concrete, putting up drywall, and ripping out carpet around campus. As beneficial and pleasing to the eyes as some of the changes have been, walking around construction sites has become a nuisance for students hurrying to class.

The North Classroom, which has been under the knife for almost a year, has been the most aggravating renovation thus far. The 30-year-old building is the largest on campus and has 42 classrooms—32 of which are victims of the renovations. The construction, which began in June 2016, will conclude in November. Finally.

Everything in the building seems to be getting a major cosmetic lift, from the restrooms to the walls of the hallways, but are the aesthetic improvements worth all the trouble?

The construction going on outside the building blocks multiple entrances, forcing students to run around to the other side to enter and then run back down the hall to reach the classroom right in front of a door wrapped up in construction tape.

Only time will tell if the $33.4 million project was worth the student funding that went into it. There will be larger classrooms, more eco-friendly lighting, and possibly an aesthetically pleasing stairwell. For now, students must ride the spaceship elevator and deal with stray tool belts and cones for another semester.

By then, another renovation project will likely pop up and put this one to shame.

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