Profoundest campus speaker


As a university, CU Denver has been deeply privileged to welcome such an eloquent series of speakers to grace students with their thoughts and perceptions of society. Not to generalize every speaker that has come to campus or diminish the successes of other visitors, but the people who generally possess a superior ability to make their ideas the most accessible to a broad audience are disproportionally older people that are also senators from Vermont.

Indeed, one of these orator unicorns came to Auraria Campus back in early October. Bernie Sanders stood for a political ideology that was in stark opposition to traditional Washington values. He spoke thoughtfully and convincingly on issues ranging from women’s rights to supporting small businesses. He was an advocate for making large corporations leave the branches of government, wherein their bribes possessed a legitimate persuasive power over congressmen and presidents alike. Bernie went about practicing this idea by only excepting small dollar donations to his campaign. He proposed exciting evolutions to America’s healthcare policies and even went so far as to generate his own comprehensive plan for passing healthcare in the Senate.

These ideas cultivated the interests of college students across America, which is why his presence on this campus was so exciting for the student body.

With a massive presence and sense of support for the Vermont Senator, CU Denver students packed the building as he spoke in the Tivoli Student Union. He covered many issues, but the most important of these issues was his rhetoric regarding garnering support for changing the way with which governmental policies are treated in the US. “We’ve got to do everything. November 9th we continue our efforts with what real politics is about—transforming this country.” This message might carries more weight today than it did pre-election, which is why the power of his speaking lives with the students of CU Denver up until this day.

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