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Late last summer, DNCE released their debut single “Cake By The Ocean,” which reached the top 10 charts in the US in almost no time. And while it may have been a worldwide hit, the song itself remained lackluster.

The instrumental backdrop pairs nicely with lead singer Joe Jonas’ voice, with a vanilla-coated hook that leaves listeners wanting more. Killer guitar riffs combined with Jonas’ sexy voice equals a party hit.

Alas—like all popular songs—this hit quickly became overplayed. From the radio to TV commercials to coffee shops, this song has taken over everything, becoming the most annoying song of the year. As soon as the melody starts, needles soon jam themselves into the listener’s ears.

The once beloved—and highly groovin’—disco dance-pop tune has become so ubiquitous on mainstream radio that as soon as the song starts, we know to skip or change the channel.

While the boppy music has become intolerable, the lyrics are the worst part of the song. Jonas repeatedly coos, “Talk to me, baby I’m going blind from this sweet sweet craving, whoa-oh/Let’s lose our minds and go fucking crazy/Ah ya ya    ya ya I keep on hoping we’ll eat cake by the ocean.” At a closer lyrical look, it’s stupid, ignorant bubble-gum pop at its worst.

Like all summer flings, they must come to an end. It’s time we retire “Cake by the Ocean” and move on to hating the next summer smash hit together.

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