From the Editor// Savannah Nelson

The best and worst things in life often go hand-in-hand. It’s in our nature to compare and contrast, to hold up the top-tier while noting the bottom-dweller. Charles Dickens captured it eloquently in his opening to A Tale of Two Cities, with “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” This final issue of the Sentry aims to do the very same.

This week’s 16-page spread is dedicated to wrapping up this academic school year, by reviewing the memorable events, places, and moments that made us laugh, think, and cringe. We’ve taken a look into Denver, Auraria Campus, and the nation at-large. More than anything, the purpose of the Sentry’s Best-Worst is to uncover and reflect upon what has mattered most to students in a trip around the sun.

Between a turbulent presidential election, an uprising of student involvement, and an array of campus involvement, the Sentry has been in the thick of it all, reporting and cultivating and representing student conversation. Next year, the growth of the newspaper will continue, with Taylor Kirby taking over as Editor in Chief. She’s sharp, thoughtful, and intelligent, which will lead the Sentry to be more engaging, inclusive, and innovative than ever before.

Next year’s team is excited to return as CU Denver’s student resource for all things happening on Auraria Campus. Though regular coverage will resume in the fall, check out our social media—Facebook and Instagram—and our website——for employment opportunities and updates. Until then, enjoy our collaborative reflection of 2016-17’s best and worst.

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