Cutest space for a first date


Dating is hard. From painstakingly finding the right way to ask that special someone out to deciding which scent of deodorant to slather on, myriads of factors influence and steep that frustration. So when it comes to finding a place where all the hectic details of the perfect date slide into place, look no further than East Colfax’s resident barrel-aged, classy establishment, the PS Lounge.

A historic and somewhat flash-frozen bar, the PS Lounge prides itself on a carefully crafted aesthetic that both bonds the diversity of its patrons while not boasting itself as a loud, banger-bar—as one would find in the neighboring LoDo. Immediately upon entering, patrons are greeted by the bartender and suggested a place based on preference. PS is set up to accommodate any kind of grouping, offering snug and plushy booths or tables with room for more. From a one-on-one intimate burner to a group of friends celebrating the night away, the place prides itself in being welcoming and accepting of any guest that walks through its doors.

The decor also buzzes a nostalgic nerve. With photographs of famous musical artists, vehicle decals, and a vintage jukebox, the atmosphere feels saturated in a timeless sense of authenticity that transports guest with the flick of a record or a slap of a pool stick. While the bar is cash-only, its prices never rise above the realm of the reasonable, and an ATM is easily accessible to help even a cashless generation enjoy this experience. 

Upon ordering the first beverages, all women are given a rose of varying colors. From red to intricate fuses of orange and white, each individual rose can be a dedicated life-saver for a date that’s going south, or it can be the icing on the cake for an already picturesque evening. As the first drinks arrive at the table, a round of shots is also complimentary for each party. With tight-knit vibes, a thoughtful floral gift, and free alcohol, it’s hard to go wrong with this curated establishment.

Finding the perfect place for a date is just one of the many struggles when planning the ideal outing. The PS Lounge offers an experience that will certainly dazzle and leave a lasting impression. Just remember to tip your bartender for their assistance.

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