Most cringe-worthy protests


Since the start of election season, protesting and expression of free speech have been at the forefront of society’s minds, especially around Downtown Denver and Auraria Campus. Though there have been many peaceful and respectful protests, there have been an equal amount of cringe-worthy and disdainful ones right on Auraria Campus.

Last year, a group of students protested the mobile testing unit hosted by the Alternative Pregnancy Center. The Alternative Pregnancy Center is an organization that attempts to educate people about alternatives to abortion, but the option is still openly discussed by the organization. A group of members of Pro-Choice Colorado protested the organization because they believed that it was attempting to frighten women out of abortion and contraception. It was well within the rights of the Pro-Choice Colorado members to protest the organization, but the Alternative Pregnancy Center never appeared to have a malicious intent in visiting Auraria Campus.

One of the most recent events involved a campus lockdown on Jan. 20, as “anarchist” protesters were spotted in the area and allegedly attempted to enter campus buildings. A RAVE alert notified students of the event, calling it “civil unrest.” Supposedly, after the protesters could not gain access to campus buildings, they marched down Colfax and obstructed traffic, where they were met by police who threatened to arrest anyone who “stepped off the sidewalk.”

Perhaps the most notable on-campus protestor is the guy who holds sloppily written signs with slogans like “Feminism is cancer” and waits for individuals to approach him. He isn’t dissimilar to the Bible Guy who spews his own propaganda outside of the Tivoli, but the offensive language and refusal to listen to others’ opinions isn’t helping his case.

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  1. Guy with the “FEMINISM IS CANCER” sign here. I love your severely SJW infected, biased, poor excuse of a publication. I hope to god you folks don’t write laws in the future as moral authoritarians. The winner of the culture wars will be libertarian.

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