Coziest off-campus study spot


For those needing to cram before a biology exam or write a thesis just weeks before it’s due, the Starbucks in the Tivoli isn’t cutting it as a study spot anymore. Another student-friendly, cozy study spot has become the ultimate pursuit. Luckily for students at CU Denver, local favorite Stella’s Coffee Haus has become the Mecca of productive people doing productive things.

Just a light rail ride away, Stella’s Coffee Haus has been nestled in the heart of Pearl St. in Denver since 1991. Stella’s provides more than just coffee; it’s a community hub where people of all ages go to find peace, concentration, and efficiency.

Open until late during the weekdays and even later on the weekends, there’s never a wasted moment in Stella’s. Medica; school students frantically studying for exams and friends gathering for their weekly Bible Study meet-ups fill up the many rooms in the coffee house. With a set-up just like grandma’s house, the first floor is divided into small and intimate rooms with cushy furniture, but modernized with plenty of electrical outlets for the abundance of technology needed for a well-executed study session.

Along with the usual fair of espresso-filled beverages—provided by local staple Pablo’s Coffee—Stella’s is also known for their diverse array of sugar-filled delicacies ranging anywhere from banana nut muffins to a cup of yogurt.

Aside from the childhood home-oriented atmosphere, Stella’s caters to more than just sleep-deprived college students. On the pastel-colored walls throughout the house, art is tastefully displayed and available for purchase. Each month, new pieces can be found cluttering the walls—collections of nostalgic pop-culture paintings embellished in glitter and pieces reflecting the ambivalent scenery across the US have graced the walls of Stella’s over time, and more eclectic arrangements are likely to come.

Stella’s offers cozy vibes and great coffee to anyone who comes in, but seating becomes limited at certain times, so arriving early to snatch a seat is recommended. Plug in, chug a cup of coffee, and get to work.

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