Best place to avoid responsibilities


When the Tivoli Brewery reopened its doors in 2014, the reception was low-key. It was a brewery on campus, after all—introducing intoxication to the grounds of a learning institution: How well could those two entities mix? As it turns out, they go together quite well if students are looking for the best place to avoid their responsibilities.

Between delicious shoestring fries and dozens of on-tap beer options, the Tivoli Brewery is a pleasant hub for hungry and thirsty patrons. The seating is comfortable, the patio is open on sunny days, and the student discount on food all make for a pleasant afternoon visit. 

It’s even better, though, as a wall between students and their responsibilities. For example, meeting group members to discuss an upcoming project—perhaps to divide up the responsibilities or practice for the presentation—morphs instead into sampling five different brews and never once mentioning class. Bringing homework to the bar will lead to ring-stained papers and more time spent analyzing the menu than the assignment. Brainstorming ideas for the upcoming meeting somehow always becomes a pitch session for which beers taste best.

“It’s a good spot to relax,” former CU Denver student Alexis Bills said. “I went between classes sometimes, or when I just wanted a nice environment to hang out in. I wasn’t productive, but I wasn’t necessarily trying to be.” Bills also noted that the brewery is an ideal spot for minors as well, since the menu has delicious food options. Some student favorites are the Sweet Hot Brussel Love ($5.75), Taco Truck Tacos ($4.25 to $13), and their Tailgate Burgers ($10.95 to $12.45).

When it comes to convenience, the Tivoli Brewery reigns superior. It’s located in the student union—a focal point on Auraria Campus—making it an easy destination to reach post-class. Light rail and bus stations are within walking distance, so driving to and from the brewery are non-issues, and there’s no hassle over big-group carpooling and collaboration.

Like all places where it’s acceptable to drink away responsibilities, however, there are a set of expectations that come with an on-campus brewery. Showing up to class and work inebriated is still against the rules, and being publicly intoxicated is still not encouraged.

Regardless if students are there to try the array of food or sample every sip from their tap room, the Tivoli Brewery remains the best place to go for a break. It’s best for kicking back, relaxing, and avoiding those pesky responsibilities for a few hours.

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