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Artist most deserving of a mass fan following


#TeamTAYLOR // Savannah Nelson

Taylor Swift, at age 27, is a music mogul and icon in all things popular culture. Her rise to fame as an artist has created an unshakable network of fans over the years, as she’s transitioned into a household name. Boy, does she deserve it.

Growing up can be a hard transition, and Taylor Swift deserves credit for doing so both personally and within her music career; not only have her albums reflected tribulations of both youth and maturity, she’s been able to rise into adulthood with dignity, in spite of doing so in front of millions of people—especially social media-stalking critics who’d never have the courage to denounce her face-to-face.

T-Swift began as an aspiring country star and blossomed from over-enunciating her syllables to shaping them artfully as she made her music more accessible to all listeners. Her lyrics too transitioned: remember the high school girl burning pictures of the ex who never let her drive his lifted truck? She’s since sophisticated her craft, drawing from serious topics to draft her lyrics.

Swift has normalized expressing feelings, creating anthems for staying strong, and spreading positivity. For a celebrity, she’s self-aware, down to earth, and easily relatable. These themes are clearly visible in her music. Swift has been credited with inspiring confidence and promoting self-advocacy values. However, upon acting upon these ideas herself, the world has shamed her. There’s a gross double standard, influenced by obtuse one-sidedness, internet detectives, and critics that align their allegiance with sculpted men while expressing themselves through reptile emojis.

Taylor Swift will continue to build her empire: she’ll write her own music, go out of her way to meet and connect with fans, and she is a proprietor for building up others. Don’t like her? Don’t worry. She’ll shake it off.

#TeamCALVIN// Pedro Ramos

Dubbed as one of the nastiest breakups of the year, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ breakup not only shattered the dreams of millennials, but most importantly, the soul of Scottish swooner himself, Calvin Harris.

Sparks flew between both popstars in early 2015, which lead to a summer tragedy once they announced their breakup in June 2016. Things happen and people grow apart, but everything that happened after the breakup lead up to the demise of the once triumphant anti-hero, Taylor Swift.

Calvin Harris, a Scottish DJ and producer, released his high-esteemed single “This Is What You Came For,” featuring Rihanna. At the time of the release, credits were given to Swift’s fake pseudonym, Nils Sjöberg, a cordial agreement. This credit-seeking detail was later shadily revealed to the Twitterverse online soon after the breakup.

This frankly had caught Harris off-guard, leaving nothing more than a taste of displeasure and broken trust. He soon thereafter tweeted, “Hurtful to me at this point that her and her team would go so far out of their way to try and make ME look bad at this stage though.” Throughout his Twitter rant Harris pointed out he was responsible for producing and writing the music and that Swift wasn’t the ultimate creator of the track. This ultimately seems like another vicious grab at the spotlight by Ms. Swift.

Taylor Swift is not new to revealing her shady personality, referred to as a victim by Buzzfeed and as a snake by millions of online followers. First, came the fiasco with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and now this. Putting the pieces together at this point isn’t hard to follow anymore; Taylor Swift continues to prey on her surroundings in order to continue to construct her faulty empire.

Taylor, maybe you’re the problem.

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