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Single Review // Coldplay

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“HYPNOTISED” // Parlophone Records

Coldplay’s new single “Hypnotised” harkens the lovable British rock band to its roots after many collaborations and an album of what seemed like Top 40 radio noise. The track begins with soothing arpeggios of bells and piano, which work hand-in-hand to introduce Chris Martin’s melliflous voice. The song’s hook, that he is “mesmerized” and lifted up to a “permanent high”—in love, it seems—weaves cohesively into the track’s sonic theme of being ambient and fit- tingly hypnotic.

Overall, this track is a pleasant and a needed reminder of what makes Coldplay remarkable in its ability to blend memorable melodies with relatable struggles. The group drops this single ahead of its upcoming EP, Kaliedescope, due in June.

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