Single Review // A R I Z O N A

“ELECTRIC TOUCH” // Artist Partner Group, Inc.

A R I Z O N A might have bet large with their previous singles in preparation for their next album GALLERY, but frankly their latest single “Electric Touch” missed the mark in being re- inventive. Consequently, this release leaves them with a song retired by other artists and obviously trying to hook onto tween listeners looking for an easy tune.

The concept of love tends to be a theme many try to capitalize on, but just because others do doesn’t mean everyone should follow suit. In this nearly lyricless song, the reoccuring lines are “ohs” and “give me your electric touch.” Underwhelming at its max, it’s cheap and boundless of artistic drive without the input of what it further means to have an “electric touch.”

This song is ready to get killed as it’s overplayed on Top 40s radio; therefore, it hopefully becomes nothing but a distant, faint memory.

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