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Daily Archives: April 19, 2017

Wine slushies on tap at Barrels & Bottles

YOUR SUMMER BREWERY DESTINATION There are worse things to be known for than wine slushies. Barrels & Bottles Brewery in downtown Golden, Colo. makes the most of this word of mouth branding—their house-made brews and rotating specials find their way on the chalkboard menu, but

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Legion wraps its first season on heroic high note

RIVALS ALL OTHER SUPERHERO STORIES There is certainly no shortage of superhero film and television, but very few shows devour its viewers quite like Legion does. Noah Hawley—the creator of the critically acclaimed television adaptation of the Coen Brothers film, Fargo—and FX have recently concluded

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Non-traditional students left behind

CU DENVER HAS MOVED ON CU Denver was once an oasis away from traditional college trends: dorm housing was nonexistent, “commuter” was used as a positive attribute, and campus facilities held a single purpose—to hold classes, which students would attend and then promptly leave, so

Minds Matter of Denver aids students in need

GRADUATES GUARANTEED CU DENVER ADMISSION  CU Denver has recently partnered with Minds Matter of Denver, a non-profit organization that is committed to serving underrepresented youth predominantly in Denver Public Schools (DPS). This partnership will lead to an influx of motivated and passionate intellectuals coming to

Retriever rescue welcomes dogs from Istanbul

OPERATION TURKEY DOGS BRINGS GOLDENS TO DENVER Istanbul, Turkey has an overwhelming stray dog population, many of which are golden retrievers. A local rescue, Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR), is one of a handful of golden retriever rescues in the US involved with

Noise F.M// William Card

Being the Noise Editor for the Sentry has been a story of the duality between impulse and hesitation, feeling shook and inspired. Merge those experiences and you’ll find something in yourself you never knew was there. “When it comes to making pop music,” Lorde said

Feminist Agenda // Taylor Kirby

Clichés tend to crop up at the difficult crossroads of our lives, a verbal barrier constructed to put distance between ourselves and whatever complex emotion we’re grappling with. We lean on them because they connect us to a lineage of like-minded people; they lack creativity,

City Scapes // Morgan Mackey

In October of 2013, I nervously walked through the doors of Tivoli #345. For weeks, I had been trying to get involved with the newspaper and I met the staff for the first time. When I started out as a staff writer, the newspaper was