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BISHOP BRIGGS // Teleport Records

Bishop Briggs released her debut self-titled EP which blasts out a powerful performance that upholds her strength as a singer. Having nabbed the top 10 for the rock and alternative charts back in 2016 with her lead-single “River,” her EP doesn’t dis- appoint. Briggs is an up-and-coming artist that packs a serious punch, and there’s considerable momentum behind her rise in the musical scene.

Full of resonating hip-hop beats, evocative vocals, and catchy lyrics, Bishop Briggs showcases Briggs’ tal- ents as a vocalist. Her voice is the most jarring aspect of the musc, by displaying incredible versatility. She easily switches from epic belting vocals to soft, sooth- ing murmurs. Yet even at the softest points, there is a quiet intensity that is built into her voice. This sustains an eerie atmosphere of tension throughout her music. Backed by steady underlying rhythm and a gospel- inspired choir, tracks like “Wild Horses,” transports listeners through a journey of emotional expressions.

Other than the sound of her voice, the content of her music is worth talking about. Bishop Briggs isn’t just a musican; she’s also a poet. Although repetiive at times, her lyrics are full of vivid metaphors and intricate interpretations. There is darkness in her poetry that portrays a realistic side of human relationships that is oddly appealing. All of this cumulates to the fact that Bishop Briggs is an EP worth trying out.

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