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SEASON HIGH // Loma Vista Recordings

Little Dragon has recently been making waves in the electronic genre with sleek non-western sounding feature spots on both Flume and Odesza’s albums. Midst this success, the group recently released their fourth full-length album, Season High. The release is experimental and electrified, making it an absolute stape for a summer playlist

The first track “Celebrate” starts out with a di- vergently attention-grabbing-intro. The song sets the scene with a modern Japanese-inspired electronic vibe and a set of melodic voices singing in the background, all of which are reminiscent of pixelated video game soundtracks. The song is a funky take on an evolving genre, and Little Dragon shows off their innovation stack in this track.

“The Pop Life” is a 1980s-synthesizer-rich banger. The track’s reverberating sensation pays homage to the once hugely popular new-wave dance genre. This addition adds a modern flare rich with drum breaks and solos. It is high energy and the listener is left ecstatic throughout the entiretiy of the song.

Season High holds its weight as an outstanding electronic work. The world should turn its eyes to this album and see that it is comparable, if not exceeding, other groups attempting to dominate the electronica canon of sound.

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