Single Review // Kendrick Lamar

“HUMBLE.” //Top Dawg Entertainment

Kendrick Lamar is back with the standout track and music video, “HUMBLE.” off his upcoming release ALBUM. The single is without a doubt a complete paradigm shift in the rap scene. It has electronic beats matched with a repetitive piano layer. The song sounds like a trap ballad, and chronicles Lamar’s personal beliefs on being humble in life and in the music industry.

The simplicity of the chorus—“Bitch, sit down. Be humble.”—is what makes the song different. It is straight and to the point, ultilizes a chant-like vibe to make the song have a cult following. Other lyrics in the song include, “Tired of the photoshop/show me something natural,” openly questions media and beauty norms, and defiently sets this song apart from other rap tracks on the airwaves right now.

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