CU Personality // Alex Pongphachanxay

Photo// Korina Rojo

Photo// Korina Rojo


Alex Pongphachanxay, known by many as the current Student Government Association President, is a fourth year student majoring in ethnic studies and double minoring in communication and international studies. His commitment to the student body and future of CU Denver is evident in his rhetoric and personality, which is smooth and effervescent—his charisma never runs dry.

Pongphachanxay was born and raised in Aurora, Colo. and has a passion for CU Denver and its community. When he isn’t at SGA meetings, doing homework, or serving in the Asian Student Alliance, he can be caught traversing the great outdoors. “In my free time, I’m an avid outdoorsman,” Pongphachanxay said. “I love to hunt, fish, camp, and hike.”

Pongphachanxay shared what his goals are for the CU Denver student body. “My biggest goal as SGA president will continue to be the same goal as any past president, which would be to expand student involvement and better the student experience at CU Denver,” Pongphachanxay said. “Overall, I want to create steps to better our university, as well as to grow as a leader and as a person.”

He believes that throughout his presidency he has met his goals toward reshaping the student experience on campus. “I believe to an extent that I have achieved them,” Pongphachanxay said. “There will always be room to grow and I hope to pass on this knowledge to the future execs in SGA.”

When asked about what he wants his legacy to be, he is open minded about his time at CU Denver. “I’m just here to grow as a person and to experience it all alongside other great student leaders,” Pongphachanxay said.

Pongphachanxay has advice for future SGA members. “Leaders must be true to themselves,” Pongphachanxay said. “Many traits can be thrown out but the most important motivation, in my opinion, would be passion. Without passion, what real work will be done? You have to love what you do and enjoy helping others. Many people have influenced me, but I’ll keep it broad and say that every single person that has impacted my life has influenced my leadership.”

After graduation, Pongphachanxay plans to continue his education at CU Denver and study public administration. He foresees a continuing prosperous future for CU Denver after he finishes school. “In 10 years I want CU Denver to be every student’s premier choice in higher education,” Pongphachanxay said. “I want CU Denver to be the pride and glory of Colorado’s university system.”

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