CU Denver SGA Elections return to campus


The Student Government Association (SGA) elections are back in action. Like always, it’s out with the old and in with the new. This is a friendly guide to CU Denver’s student government, how to vote, and how these elections impact the CU Denver experience.

When and how?

Voting opened at 8 a.m. on Monday, April 10 and will close by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 14. Students were emailed a voting link on April 10 to their email addresses.

Students are allowed to vote for (1) Executive ticket, (18) Senators, (8) College Council members, and (2) Student Advisory Committe to the Auraria Board (SACAB) representatives.

What are they?

SGA is composed of five total standing committees including the Legislation and Outreach, Finance and Funding, Events and Planning, College Council, and SACAB.

1. Legislation and Outreach

This committee focuses on the overall student body’s concern at CU Denver and provides solutions and resources to the problems many students may face while attending the university. They are also responsible for collecting the entire CU Denver student government voice in response to a specific issue. This may be done through a document known as a proclamation or resolution.

Projects that Legistlation and Outreach has worked on in the past:

• Undocumented Students Initiative

• Mental Health Screening Pursuits

2. Finance and Funding

This committee—colloquially known as SFRC—is centered on carefully and equally distributing student fees throughout the SGA, as well as allocating financial help to officially recognized student organizations on campus, such as the Peer Advocate Leaders (PAL) program and the Sentry.

Projects that Finance and Funding has worked on in the past:

• Student Organization Funding

• Running checks and balances

• Further revising any proposed SGA budgets on the basis on their efficacy and need

• Making recommendations on whether the budget is fiscally responsible or not

3. Events and Planning

This committee establishes and promotes CU Denver spirit identity as well as promoting CU Denver as a resource by the students, for the students. They are responsible for creating CU Denver-centric events that promote spirit, a deeper cultural understanding, and increase student engagement to remove the association with the phrase “commuter campus.”

Projects that Events and Planning has worked on in the past:

• Carnival de Lynx

• Cultural Diversity Festival

4. College Council

This committee serves as a link between the student body and SGA. They provide recommendations as an advisory council and help streamline the advising process.


This committee is made up of representatives from all three institutions on Auraria Campus and serves to create balanced representation for every student on campus.

Auraria Campus Referendum:

RTD CollegePass

Students pay a fee of $105 once a semester to have unlimited access to the RTD bus and light rail services. This fee is discounted for students, and without paying this fee it would cost students $171 per month, totaling $855 per semester.

A “yes” vote implies wanting to keep the CollegePass and a “no” vote implies getting rid of the CollegePass.

If something is wrong, act on it:

SGA 2017-18 candidates aren’t allowed to campaign 50 feet within any specific polling location or computer lab.

Students should decide on their vote at their own discretion. Harassing or unnecessary persuasion on voting for a specific candidate is prohibited.

If you see anything make sure to contact:

A message from Election Commissioner 2017: Daniel Cabrera

“Our voices are important and worthy to be heard. The world saw what happened when not enough voters participated in the Presidential elections. Perhaps our current US administration would not have been elected if more people made their voices heard. Unfortunately, we cannot turn back time. What we can do is make our voices heard now by voting for those student leaders we agree with and believe in, at our local levels. The student leader candidates worked really hard to appear on this year’s OrgSync voter portal. The best way we can support them is to get out and vote! Our candidates really stand for some amazing things, and work very hard to represent CU Denver students. Make your voice heard on the issues that matter to you… we need you!”

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