Students volley for Greek Life at CU Denver

Photo Courtesy of The Odessey Online


Photo Courtesy of The Odessey Online

Greek Life has been a staple for hundreds of universities in the US since the nation was originally founded in 1776, and fraternities and sororities are believed to add a sense of community and belonging on campus.

CU Denver’s SGA first brought up the idea of bringing Greek Life to Auraria Campus during former student president Scott Cao’s term. The initiative has been in full force since last semester, with a committee of eight students dedicated to founding a non-traditional version of Greek Life to this non-traditional campus.

Political Science student and committee member Frida Silva jumped on board because of the inclusivity and experiences Greek Li f e promises to offer. “ I think Greek Life is all about what your university makes it,” Silva said. In response to many students’ concerns about Greek Life, Silva assures that it won’t be traditional.

“That’s why we’re not just calling it Greek Life; we’re labeling it as non-traditional,” Silva said. “We won’t have private housing. That’s one way we’re going to start eliminating the stigma around Greek Life and its hazing practices.”

The committee was met with positive responses to its Greek Life pitch, but Silva and her co-members were told that in order to move forward with approving this chapter, enough students must first express an interest and need for such an organization to exist on campus.

Those interested in joining the Greek Life committee can attend meetings every Friday from 4 to 5 p.m. in Ti vol i #301. Be ing a member of SGA is not required.

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