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Passion project evolves into premier coffee house


Photo// Chris Caldwell

desire to create positive change through different passions brought an unlikely duo together to brew fine craft coffee with a Colorado twist.

Sträva Craft Coffee was founded in 2015 by Andrew Aamot and Kevin Crowley. Aamot, with a background in information technology, and Crowley, with a history in hockey and various entrepreneurial pursuits, wanted to make use of their innovative interests through their shared passion of coffee. They agreed on creating the company over none other than a cup of coffee.

“We both wanted to build business in Colorado, and we recognized that between us we had the passion, the skill, and the resources to do it,” Aamot said. “Although we had explored many ideas before, it was coffee that ultimately captured our imaginations—it represented a confluence of passions including spending time with family and friends, travel and exploration, eradication of cultural prejudice and barriers, and best of all, an opportunity to build a life and do good, here in Colorado.”

While Sträva is home to different coffee blends from places like Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Panama, a coffee unique to Sträva—and true to their Colorado setting—is their cannabidiol (CBD) coffee.

“We built Sträva on a foundation of quality,” Aamot said. “The industry is fond of looking back and telling the story of where a cup of coffee came from. While we value the origin story, we decided to look towards the coffee consumer as well.”

They decided that in order to succeed in an oversaturated coffee market, they had to benefit customers’ lives in a novel way. “We chose to think about the people drinking our coffee, and the extraordinary stories that they write each and every day. It was this perspective that led us to think about how coffee could be more than just a morning ritual; it had the potential to improve quality of life. And this is where the natural wellness properties of cannabidiol and hemp oil came to our attention. Coffee and hemp seemed a perfect pair. Our customers agree.”

Aamot and Crowley are not only particularly cognizant of the origins and quality of their coffee blends, but they are also focused on the positive contributions of Sträva Coffee to any caffeine lover’s morning.

“When paired with a great cup of coffee, we see cannabidiol and hemp oil becoming an integral part of our customers’ morning routines, and a welcome alternative to endless dependence on pharmaceuticals,” Aamot said.

But with dedication to a meaningful cup of coffee comes a great social and ethical responsibility for the duo.

“We’ve seen firsthand the impact that coffee has on rural communities in west Africa and elsewhere,” Aamot said. “We believe coffee can be a force for good—economically and socially. This principle guides our thinking. It directs us to seek out like-minded partners and suppliers. It compels us to source beans from regions where exporters are actively working with wet and dry mills to invest in, incentivize, and reward farmers and their workers.”

Coffee, hemp, and CBD lovers can get their hands on Sträva from local Denver retailers like Denver Bicycle Cafe, SloHi Coffee + Bike, Crema Bodega in Denver Central Market, and even Precision Pours in Louisville. Whole bean retail bags can be found in Marczyk Fine Foods, Alfalfas Market, and Max Market & Delicatessen.

The entire collection of Sträva Craft Coffee and more information about Sträva and Aamot and Crowley’s mission can be found at

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