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Daily Archives: April 5, 2017

Feminist Agenda // Taylor Kirby

This week’s blasphemy: I like the new Beauty and the Beast more than I like the original. I won’t argue the live-action version is a perfect piece of filmmaking that usurped the place of a classic in my heart—Beauty and the Beast always ranked low

Queerly Beloved // Gem Sheps

In 2014, former President Obama issued Executive Order 13673, which required companies and employers to prove that they were compliant with federal workplace policies. It was signed alongside Executive Order 13672, which provided federal protection of LGBTQ+ employees against discrimination. Until March 27, employers had

CU Denver alumni share their tips

LEARN WHAT TO USE AND USE WHAT YOU LEARN The path a student chooses to take after graduation depends on the individual. While many students go straight into graduate school, while others take time off, work, or travel. What matters most is how time is