Lynxathon fundraiser returns for fourth year

Photo// Korina Rojo


Photo// Korina Rojo

The CU Denver Dance Marathon team is adding the final touches to their setup for the fourth-annual Lynxathon, which will be bustling its way to campus on April 13.

Through the combined vision and initiative of several CU Denver alumni dating back to Spring 2014, today’s Dance Marathon team continues to bring back the Lynxathon event for one selfless purpose: to give back to the community.

“In 1991, students at Indiana University founded a dance marathon in the memory of Ryan White, a fellow student who passed away from AIDS,” Ryan Kalmbach, co-president of CU Denver’s Dance Marathon team, said. “The program now spans across North America, benefiting hundreds of hospitals and countless kids in the United States and Canada. Each organization is entirely student-run and 100 percent of all funds raised go directly to the school’s local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.”

With the arrival of the Lynxathon Dance Marathon, students are beginning to recognize the impact these events have on those who need financial assistance to continue paying their hospital bills, no matter the cost.

Mariah Johnson, a CU Denver student and member of the Dance Marathon team, shared her insight on why students should be stewing in anticipation. “I’m excited for the Lynxathon because it reconnects us to the community beyond our campus,” Johnson said. “We’re fundraising for children that have to deal with tough circumstances all day, every day, and it reminds us that some of our problems aren’t as terrible as we make them out to be. The Lynxathon is symbolic of the everyday struggle of an ill child, and this big event brings a lot of awareness to our campus.”

Putting together a fundraiser of this caliber is no easy feat, especially when expectations are high after last year’s event, which raised thousands of dollars for the Children’s Miracle Network. “Our goal for this year’s event is to create an overall positive environment for students to celebrate their accomplishments and to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals,” Kalmbach said.

A series of other attractions will keep students and community members excited throughout the Lynxathon. The event will have two live bands—Hypnotic Vibes and Miguel Dakota and the Differents—as well as an array of music by DJ Phocust and the Sentry’s own Noise Editor, DJ Wyld Kard (William Card).

“We will also have a theme of Glow and Culture combined, so make sure to come for some sweet decorations and theme-related food,” Kalmbach said. “We will also be hosting a dance workshop during the event along with a student organization performance.”

This year’s Lynxathon encourages students to take a minute to appreciate their surroundings and loved ones. “It’s all too easy to get caught up in exams, papers, and assignments,” Johnson said. “In the end, it matters that ourselves and the people surrounding us are happy and healthy, and this event helps us to keep that in mind.”

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