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hot thoughts // Matator 

Spoon released their ninth album, Hot Thoughts, March 17. The album culminates the band’s raw assertions, while pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and experimenting musically.

The first track, “Hot Thoughts,” is similar to music sprawling from Young the Giant. The song, much like the album cover, is a cluster of different elements. There’s a quiet hum that transitions into a mellow guitar riff. Lead singer Britt Daniel smoothly transitions between, whispering, “Hot thoughts melt into my mind,” then slowly belts it out later in the song.

The guitar is the main star of the album. The quiet riffs in “Hot Thoughts” change dramatically to a hip, rock’n’roll-esque strumming in “Do I have to talk you into it.” No, Spoon doesn’t have to talk listeners into how well the instruments marry his voice.

“Pink Up” is the album’s underrated track. Its lack of commercially-appealing lyrics and smooth melodies may not otherwise work together. Instead, on the  two-minute journey the listener hears a steady beat of the vibraphone with other instruments slowly meshing together.

Experimenting instrumentally, Spoon proves that even after 24 years they’ve still got it with Hot Thoughts.

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