CD Review // Goldfrapp

Silver Eye //  Mute Artist Ltd

An electronically charged pop duo hailing from the UK, Goldfrapp just released their seventh studio album titled Silver Eye. The album sounds like it found its inspiration in the darkest corner of a witch house electronica party. It’s dark, but seemingly melodic; it’s a breath of fresh air in the electronic genre making it a must listen.

The lead-off single the album titled “Anymore” drops into basement-cellar doldrums with metallic beats that sound like grinding gears of steel. This is a melodic main theme on the album, but “Anymore” reflects the theme and in a grander way makes it obvious why it’s the lead-off cut. The lead singer’s voice comes in after about 25 seconds of instrumentals and it’s nothing short of angst mixed with a sultry undertone.

“Zodiac Black” appears later on the album and is a majestic example of Goldfrapp’s softer side. The electronic beats used create a floating feeling. It is light and airy and as the lead singer croons breathy arpeggios. It feels like a trip into another dimension.

Silver Eye is an extremely refined collection of the duo’s work over the past 20 years. The album shows off their talent crafting sounds that are diverse and electric, and manifesting them into songs.

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