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Brasshouse group slayed a packed house


Photo// Korina Rojo

The band that has been catching the attention of New York City commuters in subway stations since 2014 made their second memorable visit to Denver at the Bluebird Theater on March 25.

Too Many Zooz, a brasshouse band based in New York, is comprised of trumpeter Matt Doe, saxophonist Leo P., and percussionist David “King of Sludge” Parks.

The night was a consistent jam session for all audience members.

Leo P. had a contagious energy that carried much of the show’s entertainment (aside from music) for the night. Often seen shimmying his way across the stage and jumping around (so much that he had ripped a hole in his jeans by the end of the night) while simultaneously not skipping a single beat playing his saxophone, Leo P. led his bandmates in creating a night that the audience would remember long after the show was over.

A humble Parks took the stage towards the end of the night to thank everyone.“We started with no intention of being here and people like you have supported us from day one. ,” Parks said. I don’t know what you guys have on your iPods and phones and what you’re listening to, but this band thanks you and appreciates you because time is the most viable resource and if you share you’re one with us, that’s so important. This is special tonight. Thank you.”

From flashy production and entertaining dance moves to simply great music for all to enjoy, a TMZ show is truly a show for all.

Too Many Zooz is set to start their next tour on April 21 in Canada.

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