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Beauty and the Beast fuels remake aspirations


For fans of the 1991 animated Beauty and the Beast film, the 2017 live-action version of the film is sure to amaze and mesmerize. For those unfamiliar or less interested in the animated film, the live-action film is still sure to amaze (and maybe even enchant).

With beautiful and realistic animation, excellent casting, and a myriad of wonderful songs both old and new, Beauty and the Beast is an entertaining and thought-provoking spectacle for all ages.

While many of the songs and scenes are almost a mirror of the 1991 film, there is an innovative twist on many of the characters and events. With a more thoughtful approach to the storyline and character development, this film goes beyond just a faithful remake and creates characters that are relatable and dynamic.

The computer animation that is used in the film is realistic and creates an immersive fantasy world for viewers. The character design is creative and detailed and creates believable characters that are expressive and convincing.

Equal to the quality of the movie is its soundtrack, which features four brand-new songs written for the film that are beautiful and heartwarming. Alan Menken, who composed the music for the original film, created new songs that fit into this movie flawlessly and cause audiences to connect with the characters on a deeper level. The standout song from the film that will be stuck in viewers’ heads endlessly is “Evermore,” composed by Alan Menken with lyrics by Tim Rice, and performed by Dan Stevens as the Beast.

It is also clear in this movie that Disney is making an effort to be more inclusive. With a much more diverse cast, including representation of gay characters, this film portrays characters that include a much wider range of people than most films with a similar target audience.

Disney also created a more dynamic, authentic, and respectable relationship between Belle and the Beast in the remake. As they share an interest through reading, and the Beast’s selfish behavior is more understandable with an explanation of his childhood, Belle’s love for him becomes more endearing.

Each actor in the film fits into their character seamlessly. Emma Watson is a strong and confident Belle whom viewers fall in love with from the moment she appears on screen. The only weakness in her performance is that her singing ability isn’t as strong as her acting, and in some places could be described as mediocre. However, she is proficient enough to carry a tune and sound pleasant.

Luke Evans is everything an audience could wish for in a Gaston. He is a brutish, unlikeable, and cringe-worthy character—the perfect concoction for a villain. The songs “Gaston” and “The Mob Song” showcase his talented voice as he convinces audiences he is an arrogant brute.

This film makes Le Fou a much more dynamic character than in the 1991 film; and Josh Gad does an impeccable job performing the role. With just the right balance of seriousness and silliness, audiences are able to connect with his feelings and understand the character’s uncertainties. His performance in the song “Gaston” is as entertaining as it is skilled, making the scene one of the most upbeat and fun scenes in the movie.

Overall the film was well done. All aspects, from the acting to the costumes to the directing, came together to create a magical and enchanting spectacle to be enjoyed by all.

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