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Student spends money on Yeezy she could’ve made herself

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One Denver college student feels deeply-rooted embarrassment after reportedly spending all of her tuition monies from her loans on a Yeezy sweater she admitted she could’ve “made herself.”

Kanye West, also known as Yeezy, is no stranger to entrepreneurial pursuits. One of his most recent ventures is a flattering entrance into the high fashion industry.

West created a fashion line named “Yeezy,” and he debuted Season One of his clothing line in 2015 alongside his shoe collaboration with Adidas, the “Yeezy Boosts.”

The designer line features perplexing monochromatic and minimalistic clothing with a color palette that does not go beyond neutral hues.

By vying for a high fashion title, it’s no surprise that the clothing would have an outstanding price tag.

West had one Denver fan, Beatrice Bradley, go to great lengths to prove her dedication. By spending student loan money, not on tuition, but on one of Yeezy Season One ‘s most coveted items—the Grey Patched and Destroyed sweatshirt.

According to, Grey Patched and Destroyed regularly runs for $2,536. Shoppers will be happy to find that it is 55 percent off and now costs only $1,395—something that Bradley could not pass up.

Shortly after placing her order, Bradley saw her sister scrolling through Pinterest.

“Isn’t this the sweater you just bought?” she asked.

She took a closer look at her sister’s phone screen and winced as she read. “DIY Yeezy Sweater for Less than $20,” and saw an exact replica of her high fashion sweater.

Immediately feeling deep-seeded regrets, she checked the return policy for the shirt. “No returns or exchanges,” the receipt said. “I’m pretty bummed,” Bradley said. “I really hope my parents don’t find out about the tuition loan.”

While it is unclear whether more students will use tuition-loan monies for Yeezys, at the time of publication, if students follow in Bradley’s footsteps they’ll look fly, but be very bummed.

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