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Daily Archives: March 30, 2017

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Bork Bork Bork // Bones

This is Bones McCoy of the U.S.S. Enterprise, reporting from the inside of my kennel because I just had my balls ripped out of my body and I’m not allowed to leave the apartment. This has been the worst week of my short life. I

Will anyone read this: yes or no?

Nope not a single reader anymore Generally, people don’t read anymore for many reasons. No one understands the Constitution when they read it, no one cares what Apple’s Terms and Conditions have to say, and everyone already heard the abridged version of the Bible. Why

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City Scapes // Morgan Mackey

College can be a difficult time for students. But have no fear; I have devised a plan for succeeding in college and getting that 4.0 GPA. Skip the textbooks. Its saves students plenty of money, and all the information a student would ever need can

Decision to ban speech on Auraria seems ill-conceived

STUDENTS FACE SILENCE In an effort to prevent offense on one of Colorado’s most diverse campuses, Auraria has banned speech in all its forms. It has been difficult to gauge how students feel about the new policy in the weeks since its enactment because the

From the Editor// Savannah Nelson

DON’T READ ON Laughter is poison. It represents the deterioration of our society, and I hate it. I resent jokes and pranks and good times and clutch-your-belly giggles. Humor is dead, and we’d all benefit from cutting ourselves off. I’m a realist. The cup isn’t