Oscars audit reveals Leonardio DiCaprio actually lost


Leonardo DiCaprio accepts the award for best actor in a leading role for “The Revenant” at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

After Steve Harvey announced the wrong woman for Miss Universe in . 2016, it seemed nearly impossible that the internet would be #blessed with another iconic award show mishap. What could top that?

It was a triple-check and a peculiar glance at an Oscars envelope that answered this question. Warren Beatty gave a look to his co-announcer Faye Dunaway that would preface and fuel the next internet meltdown and lead the Academy into an investigation into past award winners.

After an emotional La La Land cast began accepting the award to end a far-too-long television program, a producer revealed the correct envelope, which said that the winner for Best Picture was actually Moonlight.

The snafu made the three-hour long Jimmy Kimmel comedy sketch worth enduring.

This strange and out of character mistake by the Academy Awards inspired an investigation not only into the night’s mix up, but also into past Academy Award winners. Everything seemed fine until investigators looked further into the 2016 Academy Awards, and the winner for Best Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

After his award winning performance in The Revenant, where he is  mauled by a bear before sleeping naked inside various animal carcasses, it seemed obvious that DiCaprio would win the Oscar for Best Actor—if not for his talent, then for his pitiable desperation. Finally, DiCaprio would win the one award that he’s deserved and been waiting for for over a decade.

It seemed like a given, especially since other nominees like Eddie Redmayne and Bryan Cranston definitely would not lay naked in an animal carcass, even if it meant getting an Oscar. They knew to win an Oscar, all they had to do was be anyone but Leonardo DiCaprio.

And that would be especially true after the Academy Awards audited their previous shows, they realized that for his role in The Danish Girl, Eddie Redmayne actually won the 2016 Oscar for Best Actor.

A statement released by the Academy after their discovery said, “We regret the rescindment of DiCaprio’s Oscar; however, Redmayne’s flawless portrayal of a woman in history in the film just stood out more than a naked DiCaprio furiously grunting.”

Upon learning the news, DiCaprio cut his Greenpeace speech short, fled to his dressing room, and “broke everything that wasn’t nailed to the wall,” a source told the Sentry.

“I’m happy for Eddie,” DiCaprio said that day, but his face looked as tortured as his Revenant character post-mauling.

Maybe next time Leo will actually put some thought into his performance rather than lounge inside an animal’s remains.

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