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CU Personality // Mus Musculus

The Sentry office has been home to many students, but this semester it has been home to one unlikely guest: a mouse.

Mus Musculus is the Sentry’s newest and most visable resident mouse. As mice have terrible eyesight, they compensate with a keen sense of smell to locate food, so it’s no wonder Musculus would hole up in the Sentry’s often pizza-ridden office.

“I am a quiet, compliant mouse,” Musculus said. “I try to disappear into my home after work without drawing too much attention to myself.”

Though greeted with some hostility from the office’s initial residents, Musculus harbors no resentment. They are often met with shrieks of terror and plans for their demise, but they are unphased by the negativity. Musculus is physically small and quite bashful; mice are timid creatures, and often need to adopt a pattern of self-reliance in order to survive.

“I have certainly learned that the only free cheese I will get around here is in a mouse trap,” Musculus said. “I don’t like to depend on anyone for support because us mice don’t get a lot of respect from others. Unless a stray pizza crust is abandoned on a Thursday night, I work for my food just like anyone else.”

Much like their cousin the packrat, mice hoard resources to ensure their future is plentiful. Musculus can often be seen scurrying around swap meets and garage sales, collecting and gathering like there’s no tomorrow.

“I’ve got old newspapers, boxes, broken tools—you name it,” Musculus said. “My collections are very comforting to me and give me peace of mind.”

Despite their many collections, Musculus’ workspace is quite organized and tidy; they are a creature of habit and like to make sure that everything is in its proper place. “I really need a schedule and routine to help me feel like I’m in control,” Musculus said.

Musculus admitted to being uncomfortable around large groups of humans, which is why they are rarely seen in the office if they can help it. “My timidity forces me to keep a low profile,” Musculus said. “I do enjoy my hobbies, though. I consider myself an active member of the Taekwondo Team and I’ve even run for a spot in SGA, but I wasn’t elected. I’m alright with that for now. I just hope someday my contributions to this campus will be recognized.”

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