CD REVIEW // Whale Sounds

Whale Sounds // Sea World Records

Taking a swimming trip through the Pacific Ocean on the way to visit elderly grandparents? Forget the days of nauseating seal barks and dolphin squeals; put it all to rest for Whale Sounds, the self-titled record released on March 24. Since its inception, the revolutionary sounds of the whale have been making waves for generations, leaving a killer impression for fans and fish of all ages.

Their lead single, “OooooOOOOaaOoo”  (pronounced ooooh-O-ah-O-ooh),  left a strong impression on its listeners, reiterating the value of being in love for first time. The sensation comes randomly and to those who least expect it. Love is youthful, fresh, and overall quirky. This hot track is sure to jumpstart people’s mornings for years to come.

Many may ask if it’s possible to understand Whale Sounds. The truth is that it’s up to the interpretation of the audience and the personal experiences many go through. The sonar-esque and vibrating bellows can leave any listener shook in an individual way. Truly prescribing to beauty being in the eye of the beholder, Whale Sounds transcends meaning through one interpretation. Regardless, it’s beautiful with a careful caress of annoyance.

Whale Sounds offers a deep dive into the intriguing world of our aquatic-mammal friends. Listeners can be sure to find these tracks listed on their favorite playlists in the coming months.

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