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CD REVIEW // Large Corporations

When You’re on Hold // MOH RECORDS

When You’re On Hold is the newest album, from Large Corporations released on March 28. The goal of every consecutive minute is to fill the awkward silence that would initially be heard by callers who have been put on hold.

The newest series of call back tones from LC beckons its listeners into a space where they are flung into a surreal parallel dimension where time seems to slow to an unbearably lethargic speed and one begins to question their own existence.

The first track  follows the predictable formula for the genre. By repeating a list of phone commands and reiterating how important this call is to their business the listener is forcibly sucked in by the relaxing music mimicking life trapped in an elevator.

Unlike most on-hold music, When You’re On Hold brings the genre to a new level. The group literally creates audio that sounds as if the person on the other line is actually just holding their phone up to a speaker and ignoring their caller. The incorporation of incessant smooth jazz or uplifting piano arrangements bring When You’re On Hold to new blood-curdling levels.   

The downside to most music in this genre is that it really doesn’t distract from the irritation of actually being put on hold. When You’re On Hold takes the acknowledgement of irritation and drives the listener to new levels of aggression and anger that will leave them on hold until the album repeats again.

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