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When I first walked across the bustling Speer Blvd, I was a fledgling songwriter and entirely 100 percent uncertain of my future career path.

Four years later, I am a senior in the music business program at CU Denver. And while still pretty uncertain, I am evidently lucky that I live in a community with some pretty badass friends and musicians.

One thing I was drawn to at CU Denver was this school’s clear dedication to supporting its own performing artists. When I was looking at the program, I saw advertisements for CAM Recordsa student-run record label who’re currently supporting CU Denver band, Avenhartand the myriad of independent songwriters and performers who graced the front of CU’s marketing material that came directly to my mailbox.

My first week in school was the first time I ever absent-mindedly bought a pre-sale at Herman’s Hideaway. For a kid who barely knew to how to take the E line to Union, it felt like a real adventure. When I arrived at the show, I learned that I was the only one that bought a pre-sale. The show, marketed as the back-to-school bash, was attended by eight CU Denver students. Seven in bands, one in attendance.

Fast forward to a present show. Chloe Tang’s recent EP release show was an invigorated throw-down of red hot talent that spanned genres, instrumentation, and sound. Left-Hand Shakes and Evinair used pop-hooks and melodies to rouse the crowd into a steady groove. Wildermiss sparked the crowd with a tight, animated pulse, and lead-singer Emma Cole’s sweet-toothed melodic stylings. This was all primed for headliner Chloe Tang. Tang’s set instilled her, not only as an artist not to miss, but as a songwriter and performer with elevated levels of poise, authenticity, and engaging vocal timbre.

Small bands do small shows. Yes, playing to an empty club sucksbut when you can pack it with your friends and familyit’s not just a show. It’s a party with some of the most badass people in the whole world.

Support small shows, y’all.


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