Board games and brews at Grandma’s House

Photo // Korina Rojo

Photo // Korina Rojo


Alot of kids got spoiled at their grandma’s house, but what if adults want to be the ones being treated for a day? Grandma’s House on South Broadway  isn’t where an aging relative lives—it’s a brewery, though there’s still plenty of chances for kids-at-heart to spoil themselves, either with a good drink, a game of Mario Kart, or a combination of the two.

True to its name, Grandma’s House doesn’t look like the average brewery. A large collection of tchotchkes and trinkets sits behind the bar, and a large cross-stitch mural that reads “lookin’ good” adorns the opposite wall. There are potted plants, rocking chairs, and a big couch—all decor designed to make patrons feel comfortable and nostalgic.

“Matt, the owner, wanted to have something that was warm and inviting,” Taylor MacNicholas, the bartender, said. “We wanted to be a fun place that is also very accessible to someone who loves craft beer or someone who’s a novice. We can either teach them about it or just have a good time.”

All of Grandma’s House’s beers are brewed on-site, and the brews are as unique as the taproom. Many of the drinks are brewed in bourbon, whiskey, or wine barrels, infusing the beer with unique flavors. Their spicy Salo’s Rye Smile is especially creative, in that it’s a collaboration between Grandma’s House, their neighbor Corvus Coffee, and the nearby Law’s Whiskey House. Other brews include the tart cherry-infused Malarky, the dark and bitter Five on Rye IPA, and the unique Belgian Single-Style Twisted Enkel.

In addition to their great-tasting brews, Grandma’s House has plenty of games to play. There are boxes of Crayons and stacks of coloring books for more artistic patrons, and bookshelves are filled with board games if someone looking for a nostalgic way to spend time. For more competitive people, Grandma’s House also has some old game consoles. On the first Wednesday of every month, the Nintendo 64 system takes center stage for the Mario Kart tournament.

A whiteboard signup sheet sits just across from the entrance, and by the time the tournament begins, it’s not uncommon to see more than 20 names. While some entrants seem to be there just for a good time, others are there to win—even if the only prize is the knowledge that you beat everyone else in the bar. A competitive energy flows through the bar during the races, with many patrons eyeing the large screen TV to see the outcome of each. A few surprising turnarounds or mistakes may elicit some raised voices, but it’s all in good fun. After all, no one wants to misbehave at Grandma’s House.

If Mario Kart isn’t your thing, Grandma’s House also holds a Super Smash Bros. tournament on the last Wednesday of the month, and a Tetris league on the Wednesday before that. Whether one is looking for a relaxing drink or a competitive game, it can be found at Grandma’s House. People don’t even need to go over the river or through the woods.

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