CU Personality // Vikasini Mahalingham

Photo// Ashley Bauler3

Photo// Ashley Bauler3

As people place their orders at Kaladi Coffee, there is a familiar face among the unknown. With a warm smile and recognizable witty sense of humor, Vikasini Mahalingham jokes with the barista about the weather outside. Her endearing personality welcomes even the shy at heart, and this is no secret among those on the Auraria Campus.

Vikasini Mahalingham is a senior majoring in anthropology with plans to become a doctor. She is involved with several on-campus organizations and has dreams that stretch beyond the course of the imagination. She’s also currently involved with the new campaign CU in the City, and her face can be spotted around town in the marketing campaign.

“I will be attending CU Denver Anschutz come the Fall of 2017, after I graduate this spring,” Mahalingham said. “I’m very excited to become a doctor. The whole reason I want to become a doctor is to be able to speak the language of the body and pain. I find that people come into a doctor’s office with all of these issues. They come in with a backache or muscle pain, and that is the body’s way of communicating that there is an issue. I want to be able to hear what their body is saying and come up with a solution that best fits the patient.”

Mahalingham feels that health is a personal topic for every person, and wants to find solutions for health based on family experience. “I’m very interested in people’s health stories,” Mahalingham said. “I grew up with a mother who had chronic pain and illnesses, and that was hard to watch. I’ve always been around different centers and places who help with these types of illnesses. I’m interested in getting to know the patients after watching my parents struggle with health issues throughout their lifetimes.”

For most, the process of pursuing medical school is enough to deal with, but Mahalingham has several other projects in the works. “Right now I am leading an Alternative Break for CU Denver students to Chicago,” Mahalingham said. “It allows for students to get a hands on experience with the topics of sexual abuse and trauma. We will be spending a lot of time there trying to understand all of these different stories and experiences that people face.”

Mahalingham has been extremely active within the student community through clubs at CU Denver. “Through my time in college, I’ve been a part of SGA, Indian Student Association, and a part of UHL,” Mahalingham said. “I’m currently a TA for Honors General Chemistry here at the university. I’ve always had a passion for empowering women and children and I want to spread awareness about certain issues. We recently hosted a successful event for high school students about sex education.”

However, Mahalingham’s life isn’t all work and no play. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends. “I love to listen to music and hit up different shows, it’s always a great time,” Mahalingham said.

Mahalingham exudes confidence and composure that goes well beyond her years. Her talent and warmth make for riveting conversations and unforgettable interactions.

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