Chloe Tang Launches EP

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Photo// Bobby Jones

Chloe Tang, a CU Denver artist, is on the verge of something big. In addition to playing her sold-out Hi-Dive EP release show on March 9, she took a second to catch up with the Sentry about all things in Tang’s life.

S: Let’s talk about your upcoming EP. It seems like you were playing with a lot of great sounds, what was your inspiration behind it?

C: So recently I’ve been writing more on the edgy side because I recently got more into exploring the blues. Growing up my parents never got me into classic rock and ever since I’ve been discovering a new age kind of music.

As for the pop genre, it is what I’ve always been doing. I always wanted to find a contrast going on between dark and edgy and fun and light.    

S: How are you feeling about it?

C: We’ve been recording since November, but my goal is for people to begin uncovering my artistic goal behind it. It’s about emotions that everybody feels throughout their lives. The producers also helped emulate something that I’ve wanted.

S: What do you think of the current Denver music scene?

C: It was surprising for me when I moved to Denver for college. Denver has so many great live venues that I was pleasantly surprised by it, so surprised that it has pushed me in my music career. I’ve noticed all the resources here, finding connections that I’ve become so close with. Denver is basically a little community, that it’s rare to meet someone that you haven’t met yet. Everyone is so intertwined with each other. It’s beneficial for anyone trying to get into the music industry.

S:What’s some advice you would give to someone trying to make it in the modern music industry?

C: The hardest thing through this journey and this process is convincing myself. It’s a constant battle where you’re always wondering whether or not you’re going to take a leap in anything that you do. Every time that you initiate something, it’s worth it in the long run. If you’re on the fence about doing something because fear is holding you back, just do it.

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