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French Kiwi Juice

Roche Musique

FKJ came in like fire for the Spring Break shift in the music scene by releasing French Kiwi Juice on March 3. The electronic visionary is a Paris-based producer, hence French Kiwi Juice, who kills the game with a sultry electronic album intermixed with sexy 1990s gangster rap beats; simulating a modern throwback experience for the listener.

“Better Give U Up” harkens the listener back to the days of Dr. Dre while transformed into a modern day electro love story. The lyrics inflict mystery and daze with its poetic lines, “Your eyes look like a mirror/and no more spells/my mind’s wearing a robe.” Bubbling kick drum and washboard synths have never been so conducive for setting a romantic scene. 

One of the album’s standouts is “Vibin’ Out” ft. (((O))). It is a melancholy electronic song matched with the high pitched singing of (((O))). The track is perfect for a relaxing day, using hazy, shimmering synths to elevate the listener beyond reality. It has a sky-high, riding-on-a-cloud type feeling, sounding airy and light. With dynamic chord progressions rising from beneath the song’s airy nature around the two-minute mark, the listener is further entrenched in FKJ’s masterful illusion.

French Kiwi Juice is an all-out vibe album. Certified to bring the sensation of Spring Break to any listener, CU Denver students are highly suggested to give this album a spin in the coming weeks.

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