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Avenhart—the freshest faces to Denver’s indie-folk scene—released Avenhart on March 16 via CAM Records. CAM Records is a student-run record label on CU Denver’s campus and has seen releases from the likes of The Fray, One Flew West, and other beloved Colorado acts.

Since their conception in 2014, Avenhart has been gushing melodies saturated in bluegrass roots. While this initial description may seem to sell them short, many listeners will be surprised after giving their music a chance.

Avenhart’s self-titled debut EP is a euphony of evocative vocals and string instruments. The voices themselves are characterized as haunting and somber, but there is lightness and poise in them as well. The juxtaposition awakens conflicted, bittersweet feelings.

The instrumental score deserves its own praise: there is a gracefulness in the strings that is independent of the vocalizations. Avenhart’s talent is incredibly diversified: their musicians front a variety of string instruments that include mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and violins. Despite some repetitive melodies, with high-caliber instrumentation it is difficult to deny the plucked strings inspire warm pleasant coziness.

Avenhart is a synthesis of choral roots and the orchestral backup weaves a beautiful tale that captures what soulful bluegrass music is all about.

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