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South Dakota doesn’t have local music like Denver does.

In fact, according to an analysis completed by Complex, it doesn’t have one at all. South Dakota ranks 49th in the US for its contributions to popular music. Growing up, it was evident that I had no idea what was going on in respect to how music worked. I claimed that my town’s BBQ fest was the best because we got bands like AC/DC or The Police to play—apparently hearing a song live meant it was the same artist—whoops. It was a beautifully isolated existence I led.

Years passed, as did the lineup of Panic! At the Disco, and I found that I needed to move on from my SoDakian insulated music bubble. Not to say great bands didn’t exist, they just didn’t stay. If you had your shot, you took it and you didn’t look back. Even being in Colorado for a brief time I sense a different sentiment.

Denver is a city to be proud of. Massive bands like The Lumineers are happy to have settled in Denver, or  groups like 3OH!3 who consistently channel their inner BoCO to fuel new music. Since its population hasn’t blown out of proportion, Denver sits comfortably having quality large and economic small-scale entertainment. Bon Iver can come through Colorado on a one-off tour, and hours later, Denver-based and internationally famous STéLOUSE can play another round of his multi-month residency at the Larimer Lounge. 

But don’t let me put these thoughts in your head. This week, the Sentry continued its coverage and interviewed more of the heavy hitters who make it effortless for Denver’s scene to shine.

Local music is much more than a street band playing once a year at a BBQ festival. It’s about a community of like-minded individuals who support, enliven, and bolster eachother.

“Getting to see your favorite up-and-coming artist with your Denver-based fam, there’s just not much that tops that,” Hanna Seidel said. No Hanna, and I hope you continue to make that a reality for the many more bands that come through Denver, Colo.


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