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RiNo’s revitalized digs, Globe Hall

Photo courtesy of Globe Hall


What if I just dropped out?” For some college students, this question pops up from the stress of everyday life on top of college obligations. It might be that they no longer are interested in what they have chosen to pursue in their major, or sometimes they just find something better.

Hanna Seidel studied music business at the University of Colorado Denver but chose to pursue her career as the Marketing Director for numerous venues across Denver in place of walking across the stage.

The goals and expectations of college students can change drastically from year to year. “When I first started college, I had no idea what I was getting into,” Seidel said. “I didn’t know anything about Denver or its music scene. I originally planned on pursuing Artist Management or A&R (Artist and Repertoire), with the intent of moving to another city after graduation.” For those like Seidel, that expectation can change.  “Now I am 100 percent in love with the music scene here in Colorado,” Seidel said. “I just want to be as well-rounded in marketing as possible, and I’d love to get into talent buying someday.”

It’s not clear whether it’s advised to get a job without a degree. “Ultimately, it’s situational,” Seidel said. “I am very, very lucky to be working this dream job without my degree right now. However, I absolutely credit the connections that I gained while in school to attaining this position.”

Today’s society often questions whether or not a college degree is really necessary, especially when it come to more creative careers.

“It’s important to really assess the value of the opportunity in front of you, Seidel said.” I grew up being told to go to college, graduate, then get a job. But if you feel prepared, and you have a great opportunity in front of you, why not? School will always be an option.”

Seidel also took a chance to talk indepth with the Sentry about one of Denver’s newest venues, Globe Hall, that she markets for. This hotspot aims to be the rendezvous of food, drink, and emerging music.

“Sentry: Globe Hall is now in the Larimer and Lost Lake family of venues. Can you tell me a little about where the venue is, and why it’s special?

Hanna Seidel: It’s located in Globeville on 44th and Logan—still considered to be on the Northwestern edge of RiNo. The building was created as a Croatian and Slovenian meeting lodge in 1903. Like our other venues, we want to keep the sort of ‘raw’ aesthetic that’s been true to the place for years.

S: What’s a challenge about marketing for this new venue?

H: We have an awesome BBQ restaurant inside, but it has a bit of an unconventional business model—we currently just open for dinner and sell until food runs out. Definitely recommend getting there early for drinks and dinner and hanging out before the show. 

S: Who do you hope to come to the venue?

H: We’re focusing on bringing more folk, bluegrass, and jam music to Globe—which is unlike our other two clubs, which book primarily rock.

S: How much local and/or developing musical acts can we expect from Globe Hall in the coming months?

H: Like our other venues, we have a great mix of both local and nationally touring acts play. We have a lot of big touring shows coming up in March and April, and we’re always looking for local support—shouts to Kayla Marque, Forest Porridge, Metafonics, Gasoline Lollipops— There are so many awesome local bands already getting on them.

S: What place do small venues have in a city like Denver?

H: Larimer Lounge has built a reputation for hosting artists just before they ‘blow up.’ We also provide opportunity for the local and younger scenes to play out and get experience.”

Globe Hall aims to create a live experience that attempts to combine luscious food with a  dual-platform: to give Denver music fans an opportunity to see up-and-coming artists as well as local bands in an intimate atmosphere.

Seidel might’ve left school, but she feels that there is plenty more to learn, especially with Colorado’s evolving scene: each day’ll present it’s own devising and engrossing challenge.

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