CU Denver unveils CU in the City rebrand

Photo // CU Denver

Photo // CU Denver


CU Denver has rebranded itself from the well-worn “Learn with Purpose” mantra to the ever-appropriate “CU in the City.”

This rebrand is a throwback to a campaign from previous years. Banners with student faces and the slogan “CU in the City” can be seen once again throughout downtown Denver, on the A-Line light rail, and even inside Denver International Airport.

The kickoff event took place in the Tivoli Turnhalle on Feb. 20. Lunch was catered by Santiago’s and Saffron Grill, and students were given a food voucher upon entering. All students had a choice between two new CU Denver t-shirts with the “CU in the City” slogan emblazoned upon them. Event attendees could also take photos in a photobooth and share the images on social media using the hashtag #cuinthecity. Entertainment was provided by the Sentry’s own DJ WyldKard—Noise Editor William Card.

During the kickoff ceremony CU Denver Chancellor Dorothy Horell spoke about what the brand means to the growing university, as did Vienna Clark, Vice President of Communications. “‘CU in the City’ is a brand that truly reflects who we are and what our vision is,” Clark said.

Vikasini Mahalingham, an anthropology major, is featured in the new campaign. “I appreciated being a part of this ad campaign and I consider the campaign itself a smart move on CU’s part,” Mahalingham said. “Arguably, one of the most valuable and distinguishing features of our school is its proximity to downtown. With an emerging explosion of interest in Denver as a city and the cost of residential college becoming increasingly prohibitive, CU recognizes that living in the city is more compelling to the average consumer than ‘Learning with Purpose.’”

The launch party also debuted the latest CU Denver commercial, which encourages new students to apply to CU Denver. The commercial can be seen on local stations and online.

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