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CD Review // Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors

Domino Recording Co

On Feb. 21, the Dirty Projectors released a self-titled album that leaves listeners uncomfortable and reaching for the mute button.

The opening track “Keep Your Name” starts with a sorrowful ballad about a rough breakup. With lines like, “I don’t know why you abandoned me/ You were my soul and my partner” sung in a low bass, the track feels personal, as though the listener had walked in on the very breakup taking place. The awkward torture does not stop there. The breakdown features a hodge-podge of electronic beats and samples, with lead singer Dave Longstreth’s auto-tuned voice making quick changes between high and low tones. The resulting concoction is raw, rough, and unsettling.

“Work Together” is not much different, containing a mix of rapidly-sung phrases and long-held notes. All of this placed over beats that randomly change tempo or volume, inciting a certain anxiety in the listener.

The rest of Dirty Projectors follows suit with a consistent theme of a broken heart and a conglomeration of chaotic sounds. And while these pieces do not sound appealing to the ear, the message of loss and heartache is conveyed clearly. However, the execution of a message should not take priority over producing an enjoyable album.


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