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Student group faces struggles going to SXSW

Laura Mac Darby, left, and Emer Ryam, both from Dublin, Ireland, attend the free concert at Auditorium Shores headlined by Spoon at SXSW on Thursday, March 19, 2015. (AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman, Jay Janner)


South by Southwest (SXSW) is an international music industry conference and music festival held annually in Austin, Texas.

Every year tens of thousands of music business professionals attend SXSW. CU Denver College of Arts and Media’s very own Music Industry Student Association (MISA) has gone many times since the club’s formation in 1998. Unfortunately, this year brings an unwelcome and disappointing outcome. Due to CU Denver’s club and organization regulations, training, and financial request deadlines, students belonging to CAM club may not be attending this year.

“MISA didn’t acquire the ability to go to SXSW [last year], but [MEIS Professor] Storm Gloor was able to get discounted tickets for any MEIS student who was willing to go,” former MISA President Bailey Cavanah said. If the club wasn’t able to attend, professors of CAM—such as Storm Gloor—were able to provide students with alternative financial options as they recognize how important of an event SXSW is in the music and entertainment industry.

“You can attend the conference in the morning and afternoons and then attend shows all night,” Cavanah said. “It’s definitely tiring, but worth it.” “It’s important for CAM students to attend because it gives them the opportunity to network with a lot of experienced business men and women. SXSW is one of the biggest festivals in the world so it’s important to take advantage.”

The large event is a valuable resource for young people looking for opportunities to learn and acquire connections in the music industry. The festival is March 10-19 and features interactive media, film, comedy, and music. For more information on SXSW, visit their website at

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